Heinz Villager pin-up girls, 1950s playing cards - framed

Heinz Villager pin-up girls, eight 1950s playing cards – framed



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These glamorous Heinz Villager pin-up girls come from a deck of 1950s playing cards. The bevy of beauties were spotted by Andrew at a car boot sale. They are gorgeous and very collectible. We’ve mounted them onto a pink background to echo another batch that are hanging in our bedroom at home (see @artsuxlondon). Yes – they are a bit saucy and therefore make a great gift for a lover. We’ve used a pre-loved aluminium frame so don’t expect it to be pristine – just charming!

Illustrations by Heinz Villager, pin-up girls in saucy poses from the 1950s. Printed in Germany.
Eight playing cards mounted onto pink backing board.
Aluminium frame 315 x 253 x 20mm

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